Beauty is more than just an outward appearance. Beauty begins on the inside. Beauty is working on our inner person. Beauty is speaking kindly and consistently transforming our minds to think purely and see good in everyone, no matter their flaws or what their attitudes say. Colossians 3:13 says to make allows for each others flaws.

Everyone has struggles, and I believe everyone is due for awakening one day…spiritual awakening, if we are open. So, if you’ve already been awakened, you’ll understand inner beauty or the joy in working towards it.
You’ll also understand that if a person responds ’ugly,’ they too might yet to be awakened; your response- to be patient and gentle with them.

We are no better than others simply because we’ve been elevated. We are healed and delivered because of God’s love, compassion and grace, not because of our own efforts! God says all good things come from him… James 1:17, Psalm 16:2. Therefore when he helps us, we should now begin an ongoing cycle of helping others.
Being healed and delivered means we are in better states mentally and spiritually and emotionally enough to respond from a compassionate place. My father taught me that ”if we treat/ talk to a person like an animal, they will respond like one.” So, if we speak kindly and gently, others will respond kindly and gently, and, even if they attack us verbally, we can choose to respond gently. ’A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.’ Prov 15:1 (NIV)

I’m learning that life has so many pockets and creases waiting to be filled with just the right things and with the proper approach. Beautiful treasures, lessons learned here, and there or little trinkets.
If we have become advanced in areas such as wisdom, growth, or possessions, we can choose to use what we’ve been given wisely and to help build others up… To get where we are or even further.
• If we have wisdom, we can use it to respond to others and life’s circumstances in a healthy way. God will reveal things to us, he will open our eyes and give us understanding. How we use what he reveals is up to us! God shows me inwardly, people that I am surrounded by; he shows me their struggles and areas in which they need inner-healing. That’s knowledge! I can either pray for that person as God leads, then act in humility and endurance until they are healed, freed and delivered… or forget that I’m not more important than they are and judge and criticize them for being or responding mean and ugly right now. Matthew 7 says not to judge, though… and that the same standard we judge others by, we will be judged.

• Personal growth- we can share our experiences and how they’ve helped us overcome, so others can apply it where it’s necessary for their tests, trials, or afflictions. At times we are afraid or ashamed of being transparent because we fear being judged, but I’ll tell you that there is liberty in not caring what other people think and putting the focus on caring about the well-being of another instead. It’s not about our feelings! If being transparent will help someone else then be transparent!! At the end of the day you are not who and what people say and think you are! You are who God says you are! You know yourself better than others, stop giving people permission to label you and have control over you!

• Material possessions- we can choose to give back! Let us be reminded that our actions are the outpouring of God’s love operating within us. If we see a neighbor in need of food or clothing but say ”have a good day; stay warm and eat well” without giving them something to eat or wear, that does no good. God blesses us so that we can bless another. James 2: 15-16

When we become prosperous, it’s not for us to look down on the needs of others unless it is to help them up. Don’t poke in people’s downfall unless it is to pray for or encourage them. Everything we have comes from God, even authorities to make changes/decisions. Rom 13:1
Do we not know that God can give our successes to the same person (s) we are gossiping about or laughing at??
Love, we should not forget where we were before we got to where we are, I think it’s important to remember because it reminds us of our own discomfort when we too were at that place. Therefore, we can identify with the discomforts of others and assist in ways we can. We are taught, helped and comforted to pass on to others.

Inner beauty is such a powerful possession!

Published by Stephanie

Hello, my name is Stephanie! It is my desire for souls to know Jesus personally; To be freed, uplifted, affirmed, and healed through our Savior. Know that you are loved so much! You have so much worth! You ’belong’ even if the world rejects and sees you as nothing! Despite what people around you, or even what your thoughts say about who you are, Jesus's truth is all that matters, and you are precious to him! Here is a bit of my story! I've been oppressed and ’held captive’ in my own mind for many years! I've struggled with depression for over 10 years. I had low self-esteem, not knowing my own worth. I chased after love, affirmation, attention, and a need to feel wanted- in relationships, to finding fulfillment in things. I didn't know how to love myself or how to receive love! I was sad most of the time to the point where I contemplated suicide twice. Deep inside, I felt a little girl full of joy, harmony, and peace who wanted freedom, and to live a fulfilled life; she was trapped inside. In late 2014 Jesus literally called out to me... and told me I would be okay. I committed my life to him in 2016. Since then, so much has happened! I've been finding shelter under his wings, and my mind is continually being renewed by his truth spoken to and about me. I have found and is still amazed by his perfect, unconditional love for me that follows me daily. I have found a secured relationship that attends to every area of my life. My journey started out rough, but it is BEAUTIFUL! It gets rocky and uncomfortable at times, but it is one filled with lessons, wonder, and crazy peace! It's apart of our walk. I am still healing (I view it as a life long process) some days I take a step forward only to take two backward but I now know to not depend on my strength even during healing as I am never alone. There are also many that I am unlearning and detoxing from my spirit that I grew up learning about. I have opened myself to allowing God to use me as I am, as an outlet to reach his precious ones. The purpose of my blog is to encourage a sincere and intentional relationship with Jesus! To help strengthen our faith and walk in him. To heal, uplift, and remind women of who God says we are. To walk in his identity- in hopes that you will know without a doubt that you matter much more than you can understand! I openly share my testimonies and personal experiences. I mean, it's a bit easier to speak and share from experiences. I firmly believe you will be blessed! Find yourself, find your path, and embark on this beautiful journey of life resting in God. Love, it's perfectly okay to be authentic- about where you are in every area of your life- in a world that forces us to mask our emotions and ’put the best forward, so people can ”see and think” we’ve got it all together.’ It's okay to NOT have it all together. Be true to yourself; this is an important step in being completely honest with our Lord.

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