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I’ll Wait…

I know you’re coming so I start to wait… I know I’ll receive whatever you promised so I’ll wait. You promised to do a specific thing for me and so I wait… I start off strong , optimistic I start making plans about what we are gonna do, how things will be, how you’ll ministerContinue reading “I’ll Wait…”

God, are you sure you have no favorites??

You make me feel like the only person in the world that you love, care about and has given your whole heart to. You assure me everyday through your mercy that there’s nothing, for me, you will not do! Thinking about you, thinking about me makes me wish I could dissolve in you,That’s how muchContinue reading “God, are you sure you have no favorites??”

Because He Got Up (Resurrection Poem)

Because He got up… chains are broken, hidden voices are found. Life has meaning, to slavery we are no longer bound. Because He got up… sweet whispers of prayers are heard and answered. Silent tears are loud, acknowledged and wiped. Scarred souls are being healed and given rest.Because He got up… the homeless are shelteredContinue reading “Because He Got Up (Resurrection Poem)”