Feeling Misunderstood (mostly)

It’s very okay to not be understood by all or even one person. Learn to be your own company and understand yourself… It’s a beautiful process.
Oh, and this teaches you not to look to others for approval 😉. Sometimes wanting to be understood is secretly wanting others to approve of our existence! As long as you understand and is at peace with whoever you are, it’s all good, love!

Exhausted Recently? Having a ‘Lord, I can’t feel you’ moment? Rest!

Have you been going through a phase where you haven’t been feeling very motivated recently due to feeling exhausted mostly? Not very optimistic or positive, not inspiring or being inspired, feeling low in energy/ spirit, not very content, this minute you’re calm and the next you’re not! You keep crying out, and it seems like our Lord is nowhere insight… You stand on,” I will never leave you not forsake you- Joshua 1:5- with all your heart, but you still feel alone.

Whew, even typing all that was heavy! Loves, I’ve been there, and I can’t say sometimes it doesn’t try to revisit me.
A few months ago, I felt like I was in what seemed to be a never-ending storm. I had just gotten my job, and I found myself saying I can’t even rejoice daily about it. This was my plan before acquiring it, to praise my King due to being overjoyed. But there were inner turmoil! My MIND started racing; a lot of changes began taking place. At home, things went from being me, my mom and step-dad, and enjoying quiet alone time, to having 7 people in the house. I had lost my bedroom and every ounce of privacy I had. I was trying to get an apartment, but things didn’t work out, we were in COVID-19, so all was under stress, I wasn’t praying, reading, or having regular devotions anymore. Y’all I WAS SUPER STRESSED!!!! I love peace, calm, and quiet. I recharge in solitude and wasn’t able to get that anymore. I was challenged, and as a slow processor, it took me some time to embrace the changes and become content where I now was at.

All during trying to cope, I noticed being very sensitive emotionally. I found myself snapping quickly. Where did my peace and patience go? I felt like I had just started settling in inner calm and understanding that order is really an inner thing, and what the Bible says about the peace of God is different from the world’s peace. I cried so much! Almost every other week!

One day God allowed me to see that he has always been there with me. He used my storms to show me that no matter what I can see, he is in control and when I feel like yes this is it, I’m defeated with nowhere to turn; he is my only source. HE is MY GOD!
I started experiencing great inner peace, going to the park wasn’t mostly about reading or praying anymore, I could genuinely enjoy me-time even if I just wanted to sit and stare. In a full house, I had calm, rest, and was able to quiet my thoughts. I had started experiencing a different version of myself; tolerance, understanding, and endurance. I noticed I had balance, something I had been craving! He was here…. I understood that he loves me first as his daughter before his servant. He accepted me as human; it was okay not to have it all together. So many things and areas were changing in the storm! Amazing things were happening in the storm. I went from wanting my own space and to leave so bad, to enjoying my family’s companies and being content. This wasn’t a bother anymore. I began genuinely healing on the inside. It’s funny how you can be totally calm in the midst of chaos. Only Jesus can do this! Looking back over my season, I loved every moment of it. I didn’t know it would turn out to be a lesson, but I’ve learned reliance on God on another level.

We get so hard on ourselves if we, in our human strength, aren’t doing the most. Hasn’t been reading, praying, studying, doing ministry, or being productive. This is exactly what the devil or our own minds use to condemn us making us feel guilty. The Bible says so many times that we shouldn’t rely on our strength.
Not by might not by power but by my spirit- Zech 4:6
The story of the promise he made to Abraham and Sarah tried to bring it to fruition by human hands, using Hagar. – Gal 4:21-31
Not to lean on our own understanding, Look around, are experiencing trauma. The entire world! We are human! Everyone is stressed out! So if we are thrown off what used to be normal for us, maybe God wants us to use this time to take us to another level of trust in him. To not rely on ourselves or works to get us into heaven or stay in his presence. Maybe he wants us to pay more attention to the fact that he is in control, turn to him for everything!
Even if you have a job, rely on me as your source, not your paychecks!
I am the one who will meet you in your devotions and reading and teach or show you how to worship and praise me. Stop relying on your strength. It will fail you.
Maybe he is showing us HOW to be for him! He is for us; therefore, he has to show us how to be for him.

If you’re going through a storm or series of storms right now, stop looking at your storm! Relax! Rest! Make your request known unto Him. What specifically do you want him to do for you to help you with? What are you anxious about?
It’s hard to see God in the deep of troubles, but he promises to be there with us- Isaiah 43:2
I learn even more than I believed before, that no matter how deep in I am and really can’t see or hear him, to not rely on how I feel but to trust like never before that he is right beside me. TRUST, TRUST!!! This faith walk isn’t easy. So many things are in place to trip us up, but keeping our eyes on Jesus and not ourselves is vital guys. What I mean is taking our focus off our troubles, shifting our minds to whatever brings us joy (Phil 4:8-9) by doing this, we are saying,”I leave it in your hands and I trust you, Lord.”

Are you still exhausted? I want you to acknowledge your state and be okay with it because wherever God’s spirit is, we know there is freedom. So if your heaviness hasn’t shifted, beloved, repeat this,” I am OKAY.” Not ’I will be okay,’ but ’I am’ because he is with you NOW! Be confident in knowing it. Romans 8:24-25 ”if we have something, we don’t need to hope for it. But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.”

Even writing this post, I’m very low in energy, not very motivated even though I’m very passionate about encouraging others, helping to experience inner peace, and have inner rest, especially mentally. But, I know I just need to start writing, and the words will come. Taking my mind off me; I trust My Lord to show up.

Who’s Strength Are YOU Relying On?

You’re not alone, therefore you don’t have to depend on self- your own strength.

We’ve been taught so much to go out and take care of things ourselves- nothing is wrong with this, except that we aren’t learning much to surrender and depend on God, fully!

About 6 months ago I was told that I would be moving. At the time I had no Job. Before that, I had a job that I left to help my sister babysit my niece. Circumstances changed things, and I ended up not working at all. I know I didn’t want to go back to my old job; it was very demanding, draining and stressful, mentally, and physically. I had little to no time to even take a break to eat. So, I wanted something different.

Hearing the news about the move, pushed me to act a bit faster. I felt myself getting extremely anxious. ”God, where are you? I’m praying but not hearing anything.” anxiety lead me to pick up the phone, reaching out to my old boss, and asking him about a position. After getting off the phone I cried as I knew this wasn’t trust and total dependency on God. I knew that this wasn’t praying and waiting in faith on him to act. So, I repented and asked for him to not let my former boss respond with the position, if it wasn’t his will. I told Jesus that I would wait on him. I know that I wanted something different and I trusted him to send me another job. This was a bold move for me but I embraced this challenge. Everything in me wanted to not go back to that old position no matter how much money I would make. Everything in me had peace that I should continue to follow my heart with what I had desired.

About 5 months later, my Aunt who came to visit, was helping a lady out at her restaurant. One evening she came home and said the lady needed help there.
You guys, the feeling that came over me left me speechless, gazing into space. I sat for a minute in awe. I believed God would show up, but experiencing what I had hoped for, somehow always blows my mind- I love it!!!! Inside I was crying so hard in excitement. ”you answered me, you answered me…omgosh you’re here…” were thoughts and emotions that were going through my mind. I knew the second my aunt spoke to me, that that job was mine. I reached out to the lady and in 3 days she responded giving me my schedule.

I decided to stop stressing, stop being so anxious about a month before getting the job! It wasn’t easy, but if I were going to trust God, anxiety and trust couldn’t be in the same sentence or operating at the same time. One of the meanings for anxiety, according to Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary, is a strong desire sometimes mixed with doubt, fear or uneasiness. Yes, I needed a job but I wasn’t in search of it alone, I had Jesus and I depended on him fully! He presented the opportunity through my aunt and I made the call.

So there’s no way am I telling you to sit still and do nothing. The Bible says faith without works is dead. What I am saying is to not depend on SELF. ”Trust in the lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” -Prov 3:5-6. God loves when we trust things in his hands, this is a chance for him to show up in mighty ways and blow our minds and hey, a great way to spread good news and to encourage another! It also encourages prayer.
Give your plans to him, tell him what you’re working on, include him in every thing and he will give you best results. You’re not doing life alone! In fact he tells us in Matt 6 not to worry about your life! He will take care of us!
We may have to wait a while, which is the hard part- but boy, does this includes lessons and hidden treasures that adds to our growth and reminds us of his presence with us- the end result is so worth it! It will have you experiencing emotions you never thought existed (smile) and most important, it builds your trust in Jesus!

I really hope my testimony helps someone; it’s always my desire…and I always pray that whatever God does for me, that he doubles it for someone else.

I pray that if someone is waiting in search of a job or waiting on God for an answer, first that He gives you peace in this difficult time. I pray that he will remove every fear from you and your family and give you inner-strength, power, and courage to keep standing bold! I pray Psalm 91 over you! I thank him for covering you under his wings and drenching you in his blood. I thank him for removing your anxiety and giving you rest while you wait on his answer. I thank him that you will have joy while you wait, and you will have surety knowing he is working things out for you. I thank him that you will not worry about your life but be content in whatever situation you’re in. I thank him that your faith and trust will increase and you will be closer to him, in Jesus name!

Hey! Unwind, Detox, and Heal From Your Trauma.

Relax, Unwind, and Detox

Have you recently been through a rough patch, or maybe even not so recent? A trauma you didn’t heal from completely? Whether a divorce, separation from a loved one, health issues or bad relationship experience, abuse (emotionally or physically) or something that was difficult to handle. I want to say to you that it’s okay to take time for yourself, relax, unwind, and do a detox. Get yourself back to a healthy state/ well-being. Some of us run to different things to take our minds off what we’ve just been through in order to avoid the pain due to it being so difficult or just run from facing it period because there’s so much to do from repairing things to starting over but what that does is slowly paralyze us in the very areas we’ve been hurt.
For example, someone you trusted entirely, always sharing your deepest fears or personal information with, betrayed you. You found out, and unfortunately, you now have to keep that person at a distance when it comes to talking with them moving forward. If you don’t face the discomfort heartbreak caused and heal from that crack, it can cause you keep everyone else at a distance, shielding your heart from letting others in. You will, in turn, end up missing out on future healthy friendships.

3 years ago, I met and married a young man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. 6 months later, we separated, and 4 months after the separation, the divorce he filed for came through. Devastated was an understatement! For the first few months I has a series of headaches. However, though this was traumatic, I didn’t allow myself to slowly walk through the pain, facing every bit of it in order to heal correctly. I pushed myself to focus on other areas; I began to think for God. I thought I should focus on my personal relationship with Jesus as in focusing only on my purpose/ calling. So I religiously hid in God, pushing myself to pay attention mostly to the spiritual aspects of my life. Now, I did grow in these areas, and I did get closer to God, but I was drained. How can one be drained while spending time with our amazing God, right?!

You see, I should’ve dedicated time to relax and allow God to heal and minister to me, instead of busy trying to minister to others. He was no stranger to what I had just been through; he saw me from the very start of the argument with my ex-husband. I thought if I focused on my pain I would be slowing things down and wasting precious time, time I could use to do work for the Lord. Like I said, nothing is wrong with this because we all have a purpose to fulfill, it wasn’t the right time, however. My mind and heart was shattered, my spirit was broken and so I would’ve been ministering from a wounded place. I was empty but I thought I had to keep working (this stemmed from childhood experiences which I will write about in another post) regardless of how I felt (it’s not about how I feel but what I know to do! Oh boy, sometimes we can surely mess this phrase up in ‘Jesus’ name,’ adding unnecessary pressure to ourselves), and this drained me.

So here I was struggling to be restored, my soul wanted to rest in God as He healed me completely. While enjoying life! Writing, dancing, and speaking out would come naturally when he leads. But, my mind was telling me what it thought I should be doing, what seemed logical, and almost every thought was draining!!
If I had allowed myself to slow down, face my pain, heal and unwind, I wouldn’t have gotten myself into a draining and messy acquaintanceship due to wanting comfort and to feel wanted after feeling the rejection from my divorce. I felt unwanted by my ex-husband each time I would reach out and express my feelings and he wouldn’t reciprocate or want to reconcile. I went down a path I could have escaped. This, too, is for another post!

So, it’s okay to take as much time for yourself and heal properly after trauma, no matter how small. Your mind, soul/ spirit and body needs it! You need to heal and allow God to give you fully back to yourself before you give your wounded self to others. You will know when you’re healed enough to continue ministry or whatever else you need your whole self to do. But please, nurture YOU first. Others can wait… And no, this isn’t selfish; this is wisdom!

In A Toxic Situation? As/ Before You Walk Out, Please Read!!

It’s very unpleasant when we desire love from the people closest to us and not receive it. We go above and beyond just so they can notice good in us!

For years I seek comfort and affirmation from a certain person in my life. I remember nights when tears and music put me to bed. I couldn’t understand why, and over time, I became angry. Few years ago I understood that they needed inner-healing and I myself needed to heal and let the past go in order to move forward (whew, challenging I tell you!) if I can just do a side-bar and put God on display for a minute! I was so furious at this person that we couldn’t have a conversation without me having walls up and believing they thought nothing good about me. I burned with rage! Most of my memories with them were painful, and even though we were close family, I felt disconnected from them. All throughout my time around them, I prayed and prayed and cried some more. I wanted things to change; I wanted to feel other emotions apart from anger/ bitterness. I wanted to truly love them. I had to heal and be freed. God broke things down to me step by step and worked on things in stages.
Last year we got a breakthrough! We are still healing and I still have to bite my tongue at times, breathe, decide to just not respond or walk away when I’m triggered to keep the peace, but things are a whole lot better than they were. I can genuinely laugh around them and have so much compassion for them! God did that!!!
And I know better will become best.

Here’s what I’ve learned… Do not depend on or await anyone to realize who you are, love, and treat you with respect, appreciate you or approve of you. Reality is, some may never… here’s the thing, you have to know who you are, respect, appreciate, approve of yourself and know your value! Know that you are valuable! You were made with wonder and deep love. – Psalm 139:14. God marveled at you when his eyes first met you!
People will treat you how you allow yourself to be treated. If you know yourself and know love, you won’t allow for others to treat you otherwise or turn you into a doormat or punching bag. If you stand up for yourself and some choose to walk away, DON’T feel guilty, in fact, feel better because you’ve just freed yourself from emotional leeches!

I do root for peace, harmony, and non-division, but sometimes you have to close the door on a relationship for a while to heal enough, before returning or for that person to be healed.
I love the prayer Jesus prayed on the cross “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” – Luke 23:33-34. Sometimes, it’s hard to pray this, but it’s selfless and produces change.

Here’s a challenge, though… pray inner healing and love for them as you walk away! Pray that God meets them wherever they are, and perform spiritual operation on them, cut away all that hinders them from becoming. That he opens their hearts and minds for transformation and be renewed.

Can we become a people that leave no man behind? If you’re freed and healed spiritually/mentally/ emotionally, reach out and touch the mentally/ emotionally challenged in your life…

I honestly believe that since we have God among us- nothing can be impossible if we just believe! God is moved by us genuinely loving one another, and when we love genuinely, we don’t give up easily on another. When I got saved, I got excited as I now have a privilege for my visions to come into fruition! I had/ have big dreams and hopes, and since He is a BIG God who makes things possible, I’m right where I needed to be, in the right company. And so, I laid my blueprints before him.
He says the prayers of a righteous person is powerful and effective, and if I don’t have something I should ask for it and so I ask and expect mind-blowing resulted.
(I live for the adrenaline rush of seeing or the thought of miracles, I do! 😆)

So Love, with God by our side we can accomplish anything we think up, omgosh this is so beautiful to think about!!! What are your desires for earth and people in your life/ circle/ workplace? I challenge you to bring your plans to God and watch him give you the strength and peace to carry it out.

Warfare Anyone?

Is anyone else going through an attack or has been? I want to first cheer you on, love, keep going! don’t quit! If you get too tired, rest, it’s okay to rest, then keep moving. If you fall, get up and keep going again. You will experience all sorts of emotions/ circumstances, however, they are nothing but mere distractions. Brush them off and let’s keep going. You are not alone. Our father is right here holding our hands taking us through. I know it’s ugly and gloomy right now but He will never ever leave us alone in it, forget about us or let us stay in it a day past the due date! I so love that about Him, He is so trustworthy! It’s almost over sis, hang in there! I thank God that each time you go through these seasons, you are being strengthened, and even more spiritually prepared for these attacks. And that one day you will begin to go through tests smiling with ease, you’ll be more content, praising and thanking Him joyfully- confusing the enemy.

I have learned to meditate on, pray, and believe the word even more during warfare. Worship/praise always reconnects me whenever I feel disconnected.

Share in this prayer below with me. 

Lord, I thank you that I’m never alone when I am walking through dark valleys. Thank you even for dark valleys because they teach me to trust you even more. They challenge me to be still and praise you when I can’t see anything. You say when trouble comes I should consider it great joy for tests allow for my endurance to grow. Thank you for the increase awaiting me on the other side. Thank you that I can still smile, depending on you to guide me along the best pathways and to comfort me. I have your word and peace to rest in when it gets so crazy and I start feeling frustrated, exhausted, anxious and drained. Gosh, You are awesome! I don’t have to be lead by my emotions. You are my anchor, my crutch. Thank you for breathing on me while I go through. I love you so much Lord, Amen!

Meditation: Psalm 23; 32:8 James 1:2-4 Eph 6:10-18

The Healing Found In Solitude And Prayer/ Forgiveness.

The very things some of us run from are the most important we NEED in our lives to function healthily.

  1. Solitude- “the state of being alone or kept apart from others. The quality or state of being alone or remote from society.” Solitude is very rewarding personally; here, we learn a lot about who we truly are. The loud voices of everyone else are silenced, and we are free to hear truths our spirits need to tell us. These truths give deep peace, joy, and inspiration. These truths calm all fears, doubts, and blow our minds. These truths make us feel that everything is possible and within our reach. They show us our true self: good, strong, passionate, compassionate, loyal, loving, merciful. We find ourselves in solitude.

We learn to identify, face, and conquer fears/ giants in the solitude. We face and overcome our uncomfortable, fearful, or scary past to move forward. We identify our battles in this place and learn how to fight! We identify healthy and unhealthy negative emotions: anger, malice, envy/jealousy, hate, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame. We are delivered and healed in solitude. We identify which voices we should listen to and which to walk away from.
God meets us in solitude.
Solitude is also a place where painful truths emerge, truths that some run from because it convicts, but hey when we are convicted, its purpose is to bring change, NOT to condemn us and make us feel guilty. As mentioned above, this is a voice you need to walk away from. The voice of Jesus gentle and lovingly convicts and leads us to make better choices. The voice of the enemy condemns us and make us feel bad about ourselves for not being perfect/ good enough; it pressures and weighs us down. Instead of heading for change, we sit and drown ourselves in sadness, depression, or even worst suicidal thoughts. Remember this truth; however, Jesus comes to give life and give it in abundance. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy!

Growth can be painful, but it can also be such a beautiful thing if only we open ourselves widely and welcome it.
When we grow, we stretch out of things that no longer fit us; we make way for new areas, new things to come into our lives. New blessings! New mindsets! New desires….
So see, solitude isn’t such a bad place. It’s actually a beautiful place to visit now and again. It frees us and gives us knowledge and wisdom so we can live confidently.
Some shun introverts believing we are too quiet and reserved, but extraverts and introverts balance each other here on earth.

2. Prayer
We live in a world now where it seems some of us can’t wait to throw another under the bus or penalize them for hurting us. We are so quick to make judgments, really forgetting that we aren’t much better, and if we are in a better place, it’s because of Jesus’ spirit. Forgiveness and compassion aren’t easily or quickly extended to others. People who hurt us or commit heinous crimes need prayer 2Xs more than persons who do not. We are quick to holler ”crucify him” okay, maybe not those exact words, but you get it… We are ready to turn our backs or throw them in jail and forget them, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there. Don’t get me wrong, yes, stay away from hurtful people and lock away who needs to be, but PRAYER is most needed for them. Eph 6:12 says,” our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” These people are fighting demonic spirits that are influencing and giving them desires to do wicked things. They desperately need healing and deliverance.

We can’t cut the top off a tree leaving the root, and except it to stop growing, we have to uproot it, get rid of it period. (this is just an analogy, please don’t uproot trees lol, besides, they are needed to help us breathe healthy air). We can’t just lock them away and turn our backs thinking the problem is solved. We have to attack the root of problems in people to get rid of them, and spiritual problems call for prayer connection to our God. (Matt 17:21) I know our hearts are breaking, I know we lost our loved ones, but hatred, unforgiveness, and revenge won’t solve anything, beloved! This only continues a negative cycle. Unforgiveness is a heavy burden to carry around.
I know it’s HARD to even think of praying for them, but forgiveness and humility are some of the greatest weapons to combat with. When we approach situations like this, it moves the hand of God, who is already fighting our battles and says vengeance is his. He can take care of it better than we can imagine. This brings healing for both you and the other. I pray in Jesus name that he first gives you comfort, then a desire and strength to forgive a pray for whomever wronged you and, or your family. I pray that you’ll let go and feel nothing but compassion for their soul and hope that they, too, are reconciled with God and will make better decisions. As I’m writing this, I strongly feel that someone needed that.
Our enemies need prayer too! See, look at it as one bad soul down, some more to go. God wants us all reconciled to himself. So many goodnesses are found in his arms! Oh, he loves us so very, very much! He calls us to change/ restore us to how he created us from beginning so he can then reconcile others to him through us, but this can only be done in love.

Solitude and praying for people who wrong us aren’t the most comfortable to do, but they bring about drastic changes! Overall, prayer conquers everything! It is a necessity! It keeps us close to God!

God, are you sure you have no favorites??

You make me feel like the only person in the world that you love, care about and has given your whole heart to.
You assure me everyday through your mercy that there’s nothing, for me, you will not do!
Thinking about you, thinking about me makes me wish I could dissolve in you,
That’s how much your love for me, has me falling in love with you!

You check on me all day, everyday, smothering me with your awesome presence
My heart is full of praise; my eyes are swollen from tears. I’ve never felt so complete until acknowledging your existence.

But, remember that day you called my name, I couldn’t answer because I was lost? You left all you were doing, all who you were with so I could find you on the cross.
You gave your life for mine; your blood is now my sweet wine, your body the bread that I eat.
Your spirit comforts me, your hands leading me, and your word is now my pillow when I sleep.
So, though there are many sheep, many mouths to feed as you tend to them one by one,
You’re always with me, forgive my being naive when I say you have favored me.

Love, your favorite one.

What If Your Answer To God’s Call Could Save Your Family?

Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on Pexels.com

An In-law of mine ( I call him my brother) just lost a cousin that was very close to him. I know it hurts a lot! I can’t imagine the pain he is in, my heart breaks for him and the rest of the family.

On the afternoon I got the news I asked God why he happened to be going through so much loss and heartaches, (he had another cousin died earlier in the year and had also told me about another one who died in a car accident few years ago- so all crossed my mind as I mourned with him) as I questioned the Lord, these thoughts came to mind.

Our obedience and relationship with God helps a lot with what goes on around us and within our families. When we turn to God, we are also interceding for our loved ones and standing for them. YOU might be God’s chosen, its not just about you when he calls but for us to intercede on behalf of others. He calls us to bless us, to save our families/friends, to use us as vessels to break chains and yokes off others. Your family members/ friends are tied to you, and them to others, so encourage them to draw close to God as well. What if you could stop or make things less harsh for someone else? There are so many goodies attached to the call from God…it teaches us to be selfless, it teaches us what genuine love looks like.

I read in the book ‘Elijah Among Us‘ where God used the author- John Sanford to intercede on behalf of his family and through his obedience God SAVED his son. ….”Another instance where God’s word of knowledge brought protection to our loved one involved Loren himself. He worked between semesters in the silver, lead and zinc mines… At the time, he was working 7,500 feet below the ground. One day, I had a sense of danger and said, “what is it, Lord?” He gave me knowledge through a mental picture of Loren in a stope, which is a step-like excavation formed by the removal of ore from around a mineshaft. A huge boulder was tumbling down from high above. I knew if it hit him, it would kill him. I cried out, “Lord, get him out of the way!” That night I told Loren what I had seen. He said, “Yeah, dad, that’s exactly what happened today. I don’t know how it missed me, but it did.” God gave me this vision of danger because he wanted to save my son and knew I would pray.”

God told him what was getting ready to happen and lead him to pray. His son were to meet death, but, through his connection to God, He was able to speak to John and his son walked away without being injured.

I have a personal story of my own, well, that happened in my family. God gave my dad a vision of my brother (who wouldn’t take heed no matter how many times my dad and I told him about his bike, and to be honest, we were fearful because so many young men in the district were dying from bike accidents and we did not want him to be one.) that he would get into a terrible accident and lead him to pray. Days later my dad called and give me the news that my brother broke his arm in a bike accident. He told me that God had given him a vision and that he had prayed, hearing this I began praising God, then I heard my father said “it should’ve been his neck” I stopped for a deep minute of silence, moments later my praise turned into praise and tears of joy. Thanking God so much, for looking out for my family! My brother’s neck should’ve been broken according to the vision, but my father’s connection to God helped him intercede for his son whom walked away without fatal injuries.

So you see, being close to God has many wonderful benefits, including saving the lives of our loved ones (but I’m sure you already know this). My father does not take credit for my brother’s life being saved. We know that God and we are his vessels, I even believe that HE even allowed us to respond and say YES to him. Our obedience in getting up in the middle of the night or whenever we are lead to pray, rewards us more years with our loved ones and closer to God. Your obedience to God’s call and or obedience will blow your mind! You never know who is standing in prayer for you… Answer and stand for your families too.

God has been calling my brother-in-law for sometime now and I believe that If he had answer the call, God would’ve probably given him knowledge of what was getting ready to happen and lead him to pray. At the same time, when God gives US (people like you and me) this knowledge, we can also intercede for people like my brother-in-law (and others like this in your life) and ask God to stir their spirits, open their ears and lead them to answer his call and be reconciled to Him.

God is sooooo faithful and good to us! I love him so so much!!! I know someone who would use the phrase “off the chains” when something is incredible or huge in amount whether it be a delicious meal or the actions of another… ‘God is off the chains y’all!!!’

2Chron 30:9 “For if you return to the Lord, your relatives and your children will be treated mercifully by their captors, and they will be able to return to this land. For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful. If you return to him, he will not continue to turn his face from you.”


Beauty is more than just an outward appearance. Beauty begins on the inside. Beauty is working on our inner person. Beauty is speaking kindly and consistently transforming our minds to think purely and see good in everyone, no matter their flaws or what their attitudes say. Colossians 3:13 says to make allows for each others flaws.

Everyone has struggles, and I believe everyone is due for awakening one day…spiritual awakening, if we are open. So, if you’ve already been awakened, you’ll understand inner beauty or the joy in working towards it.
You’ll also understand that if a person responds ’ugly,’ they too might yet to be awakened; your response- to be patient and gentle with them.

We are no better than others simply because we’ve been elevated. We are healed and delivered because of God’s love, compassion and grace, not because of our own efforts! God says all good things come from him… James 1:17, Psalm 16:2. Therefore when he helps us, we should now begin an ongoing cycle of helping others.
Being healed and delivered means we are in better states mentally and spiritually and emotionally enough to respond from a compassionate place. My father taught me that ”if we treat/ talk to a person like an animal, they will respond like one.” So, if we speak kindly and gently, others will respond kindly and gently, and, even if they attack us verbally, we can choose to respond gently. ’A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.’ Prov 15:1 (NIV)

I’m learning that life has so many pockets and creases waiting to be filled with just the right things and with the proper approach. Beautiful treasures, lessons learned here, and there or little trinkets.
If we have become advanced in areas such as wisdom, growth, or possessions, we can choose to use what we’ve been given wisely and to help build others up… To get where we are or even further.
• If we have wisdom, we can use it to respond to others and life’s circumstances in a healthy way. God will reveal things to us, he will open our eyes and give us understanding. How we use what he reveals is up to us! God shows me inwardly, people that I am surrounded by; he shows me their struggles and areas in which they need inner-healing. That’s knowledge! I can either pray for that person as God leads, then act in humility and endurance until they are healed, freed and delivered… or forget that I’m not more important than they are and judge and criticize them for being or responding mean and ugly right now. Matthew 7 says not to judge, though… and that the same standard we judge others by, we will be judged.

• Personal growth- we can share our experiences and how they’ve helped us overcome, so others can apply it where it’s necessary for their tests, trials, or afflictions. At times we are afraid or ashamed of being transparent because we fear being judged, but I’ll tell you that there is liberty in not caring what other people think and putting the focus on caring about the well-being of another instead. It’s not about our feelings! If being transparent will help someone else then be transparent!! At the end of the day you are not who and what people say and think you are! You are who God says you are! You know yourself better than others, stop giving people permission to label you and have control over you!

• Material possessions- we can choose to give back! Let us be reminded that our actions are the outpouring of God’s love operating within us. If we see a neighbor in need of food or clothing but say ”have a good day; stay warm and eat well” without giving them something to eat or wear, that does no good. God blesses us so that we can bless another. James 2: 15-16

When we become prosperous, it’s not for us to look down on the needs of others unless it is to help them up. Don’t poke in people’s downfall unless it is to pray for or encourage them. Everything we have comes from God, even authorities to make changes/decisions. Rom 13:1
Do we not know that God can give our successes to the same person (s) we are gossiping about or laughing at??
Love, we should not forget where we were before we got to where we are, I think it’s important to remember because it reminds us of our own discomfort when we too were at that place. Therefore, we can identify with the discomforts of others and assist in ways we can. We are taught, helped and comforted to pass on to others.

Inner beauty is such a powerful possession!